Should these names be listed as derivatives of Blencowe?

Blenkin, Blencon, Blenkhon, Blenkon, Blinken & Blinkin

Early Records with these surnames frequently appeared in Bromfield near Wigton in Cumbria The old ecclesiastic parish of Bromfield, consisted of twelve villages or hamlets including, Blencogo.

Blencogo is a small hamlet near Wigton in Cumbria, England. The village is a centre for growing osier willow for basketmaking and related crafts. Blencogo first appears in literature around 1100.

Christopher Blencowe is a descendant of Adam de Blencow and lived at Blencow Hall.  He received a share of Skelton Mill by grant from his father Richard for his lifetime then possibly settled in Bromfield, Cumbria with his wife, Magdaline. Christopher died at Bromfeld Hall in 1552. In his will the lease of the parsonage of Bromfield passed on to Leonard, his 2nd son. Richard Blencowe, William Skelton and his wife, Magdaline were executors.  

However, we find the following names in the Bromfield hamlet of Blencogo. Are they a derivative of Blencowe? Blenkin Blencon, Blenkhon, Blenkon, Blinken, Blinkin. Not only do they sound similar but Blencogo is only 23.6 miles from Blencow via the B5305.

Blenogo map