Donald Blincoe took one on the noggin for the team!

A timely article arriving during the current British Open

Donald Blincoe's first trip to the Masters in 2004 is one he wont forget.

He was standing on the right side of the seventh fairway when John Dalys drive landed square on his head, causing a big knot and queasiness.

After getting checked out by a medical officer on duty, he was OK.

Blincoe is from Bardstown, Kentucky, which he said was the bourbon capital of the world.

"Daly told me to go and have a drink of whiskey", Blincoe said. Daly should have offered to buy him the drink. His tee shot had ricocheted off Blincoes head and back into the fairway, from where Daly was able to make par.

"This is my first time at the Masters, and I got a memorable experience", Blincoe said.

Ref: The Oaklands Press News 2004

Ed Blinco,