Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 2 May 2008

ĎThe Bookí as we call it!

As reported in the last newsletter all copies of the book have sold out. It didnít take long for it to rise in value to £80 It has since been seen for £100!

book details

Now that stocks of the book have run out, some of our newer members may wish for a copy on CD. The simplest way to pay for it and avoid bank charges would be to send Jack a bank note in your local currency to cover his costs: £5, US$10, A$10, NZ$10. The mail system isnít perfect and things sometimes go astray. If anyone has paid money and not received a disk, send Jack an email: jackblencowe @

One new member spurned the CD offer and forked out £80 for a book purchased over the internet and says she is well satisfied, in spite of the price.

I have noticed on Rogerís interactive website that some folk are already doing a trade in excess copies of The Book. If you missed out on a copy, or have some spare to sell, this is a good forum to try and more personal than eBay.

Please Note: the CD offer is for members only.

updated: 31 October 2008