Google Street View - Tour of Little Blencow.

Little Blincowe Farm

If you start at the eastern end past the north gate to Little Blencowe Farm, you can see tractor tracks coming out of the gate and as you proceed into the village you pass the tractor carrying a bale of hay, past Crown Inn and on to Blencowe Hall.

If you take a short detour around the corner towards Blencow and zoom in to the letter box at the church door, you will note the name over the box has the "Blencowe" spelling.

Blencowe box

Blencowe spelling on post box on church wall

Blencowe Methodist Church

Blencowe Methodist Church

Proceed back to Greystoke Road and you come to the house with the wishing well out the front; take a little trip up the hill to the double gate with the cows and you can get glimpses of the back of Blencowe Hall. Back on the Greystoke Road you will pass Blencowe Hall and note that it is positioned to see the Scots coming in either direction along the road.

Greystoke Castle is not available but you can go past the gatehouse.

Alan Blencowe
Perth, Western Australia

Blencowe Hall from thje air