The Book

New members must wonder at the many newsletter references to THE BOOK as we affectionately call the superb family history record. The Blencowe Families: The Descendants of the Blencowe Families of Cumbria and Northamptonshire, Edited by J.W. Blencowe (Jack) was reviewed by the Journal of One-Name Studies after its publication in 2001. Some of the comments being: “One of the most beautiful books published by a one-name society that we have had the pleasure of reviewing....It covers almost 8 centuries of history from the 13th to the present day......The presentation of the 427 paged book is of an extremely high standard. The text is clear and easy to read and there are numerous charts, maps and pictures..... The book is a stunning example of a well-explored, superbly written family history. What a gem for future generations of Blencowe family members to own: a fantastic family heirloom to leave behind.” Rating *****

The Book, to which 21 authors contributed, sold out a long time ago and now pops up online from time to time with purchasers paying from £80 to £100 a copy. We can now offer members only a copy on CD for $10 which includes postage for people in USA, Canada, New Zealand & Australia and £8 in UK. This is not an EBook: it is an Adobe or PDF file of the original text enabling text searches to help people find relevant areas.

As it is subscription renewal time for many of you, this would be a good opportunity to pay for both at the same time.