Blencowe Link to the Gunpowder Plot

"Remember Remember the fifth of November when Gunpowder Treason and Plot shall never be forgot"

In November 1605 a group of Roman Catholic plotters were foiled in their attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament at the State Opening of Parliament (a ceremony which occurs to this day) when King James I would have been in attendance.  Barrels of gunpowder had been stored in the cellars but were found before the plot could be carried through.  On each state opening of parliament to this day the cellars are ceremonially searched by a company of Yeoman of the Guard ("beefeaters"). 

Two of the gunpowder plotters Robert Catesby (the leader of the plotters) and his cousin Francis Tresham were the great, great grandsons through their mothers Ann and Muriel Throckmorton daughters of Robert Throckmorton of Cougton whose sister Goditha Throckmorton was the great, great grandmother of Joyce and Mary Cupper/Cooper who each married a John Blencowe father and son. 

Ruth Jenkins,

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