Thank You to Walter Blenko

In about 1985, Helen (Blincoe) and Bob Simpson began looking into their ancestry. This was well before the internet, and the many programs for cataloging family trees.  In their journeys, they crossed paths with Jack Blencowe who was doing the same research. Helen and Bob were on the lookout for someone to take over the publication of the Families' Newsletter.  As I recall, it was at a meeting after the 2003 Vancouver British Columbia Canada Reunion, when Jack took over the Newsletters, and Walter and I stepped up to split the duties of Treasuring and distributing the newsletter in the Americas. 

In discussions with Walter over the past few months, we have decided to consolidate the Treasury and Distribution functions within the U.S.

Walter made a number of significant contributions to the association during his more active years.  These include the 1997 reunion in Wheeling, West Virginia with numerous short bus tours as well as an extended tour afterwards.

By the transferring of the Association from the Simpson’s, Walter created the official "Blencowe Families Association" in the US to enable the easy transfer of funds between future holders of the association. Walter also played key roles in the gathering and distribution of funds for such projects as international reunions & the restoration/hanging of the bells at the Marston St. Lawrence church.

Allen Blincoe,
Dayton, Ohio

Thanks also to Allen for taking on this extra duty. agblincoe @ for USA/Canadian membership information